The Heavens Declare the Glory of the Lord…

…the Moon Provides Our Monthly Direction.

Hi!  I’m Rose Martin.  Welcome to New Moon Celebrations, where we dedicate each Month to the Lord and receive His direction.


The Months are biblical timers that were set into place by God at Creation.  The Biblical directive to observe the New Moon was a time to dedicate the month to the Lord, and to seek His guidance for the month, both corporately and individually. 


Everywhere on Earth, all Nations, all people, share the same Stars.  All people groups have developed their unique stories and meanings to the Zodiac and the signs in the Heavens.  Only one faith acknowledges that the Sun, the Moon and the Stars are servants of the One true God, not gods themselves.  This is the Jewish faith.  This is the faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through Yeshua ha Maschiach.  All glory is to God with every thought of the Planets and other Heavenly beings that fill the space between our world and God.  New Moon Celebrations views the heavens as did Abraham and our forefathers in the faith.  The time is here for Christians – Believers in Yeshua haMaschiach – to see the Heavens even as Adam and Eve did – as God’s way of communicating with His children on an intimate basis.


Each New Moon holds insight into God and His plan for our lives.  Each month is unique in its meaning and teaching.  Each Month gives us access to the tools that we need for living the fulfilling life we are longing for.  By flowing with God’s calendar it will help you develop your gifts and talents.  It will help you improve and transform your shortcomings too!  You will truly get to know yourself.


The New Moon was observed officially from Abraham to Moses to the priests and prophets of the Lord, but has not been passed on to most Believers today.  Sadly, the significance of this original timepiece has been lost for generations, leaving an alarming number in life and in the Church to search unceasingly for information about their identity and purpose, never getting the full picture.


Thankfully, the rich heritage of the Biblical feasts and festivals as well as the Sabbath have been discovered by Believers over the past 20 years or so.  But an important component of this cycle has still been neglected.  That being the New Moon Celebration.

​Through years of seeking the Lord for my own purpose and identity, while researching ancient texts and writings from Sages and Rabbis, the Lord gave me insight into what the New Moon can show us, all designed by the Lord Himself! 


Believers!  There is truly a deeper part of the rich Hebrew Roots that the Lord has for us designed to add a higher dimension to our walk with Him.


The New Moon is a powerful time to meet with the Lord to get direction for your life, write your prayer requests and set monthly goals.  Observing the New Moon is giving people a greater understanding of their lives and purpose in God’s great plan.

It is an evolving feast of the Lord – its roots go back to creation, but it is just now being reborn, being discovered by most Believers for the first time.

Some guidelines are found in the Bible, leaving much of the actual celebration open for interpretation as people discover how it works in their lives.  Ask the Holy Spirit to be your guide.


What the Lord showed me opened an understanding of God’s ways that I had never seen before.  It is changing my life!  It is changing my family’s life!  It is changing friends’ lives!  It can change yours, too!

Click for This Month’s New Moon Celebration.

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*Rose Martin has been a born-again Spirit-Filled Believer studying the teaching the Word of God for over 30 years.  She is an Ordained Christian Minister, an Ordained Messianic Jewish Minister, and is also a Doctor of Naturopathy, a Certified Natural Health Professional and most recently a Faith-based Astrologer and Biblical Seer.  Rose endeavors to bring the fullness of the Lord to all areas of people’s lives as she ministers to their body, soul and spirit. 

Rose Martin is an interpreter of the Signs of the Times in the Heavens through the Divine Science of Jewish Astrology.  Astrology is an ancient art that has existed since Adam and handed down through the Jewish faith.  Sadly it has been removed from the church.  The Lord has shown Rose that it is badly needed to help people develop an intimate relationship with the God Who created them and discover their identity as God created them to be – not who the advertisers want them to be. 

Learn more about her ministry here.


Through the monthly http://www.NewMoonCelebrations.com videos, Rose teaches that the Heavens contain a roadmap of the spiritual terrain.  With the roadmap and the guidance found in the Bible, we can learn to navigate and prosper our lives.  Those who observe the New Moon Celebrations gain a deeper sense of purpose and direction.  The yearly flow of the map of the Heavens follows the Jewish Calendar of Months as well as the Spring and Fall Feasts and Festivals.  It provides great guidance for Believers today.

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