12 Months to Wholeness

12 Months to Wholeness – Heaven’s Discipleship Program

Spiritual Wholeness through the Appointed Times of the Lord

What is wholeness?  Wholeness includes our whole being – body, soul and spirit.  And it means fulfilling each area of our being to the best of our ability.  When we are whole we have peace and feel joy in our body, soul and spirit.

To be whole means discovering and developing the gifts and talents the Lord gives each of us.  It means sharing our gifts and talents with others, for the glory of God.  To know your gifts and talents and abilities (as well as your challenges and weaknesses) is important to beginning your walk toward wholeness.

12 Months to Wholeness. 
Each month we will look at the special characteristics of that month using Biblical principles and apply these principles to our lives.  We will focus on freeing ourselves from the patterns of life that bind us and keep us from living our lives to the fullest.  Through this we will begin experiencing more of the Lord’s freedom, peace and understanding.

General Life Areas.
These are the general LIFE AREAS that we all deal with in our lives.  We will be focusing on a new one each month of our twelve-month journey.

Through this monthly journey, you’ll find out how satisfied you are in each of these areas. How does your life line up with the potential you have within you? How you can begin to live the life you know you were meant to live.  Building confidence in yourself  of God’s celestial calendar.  You will live your life, hand in hand with the Lord.

The Month of Nisan/Aviv is the Beginning of 12 Months to Wholeness!
The goal of this 12 Month “Esther Type” preparation (good for Men and Women alike!), is to integrate our new-found gifts and talents into the body of believers, fulfilling our individual part in God’s Kingdom in a more complete way.

Let’s get started!

Month 1 – “I acknowledge I am responsible for my life.”

Month 2 – “I believe I am ABLE to take responsibilty for my life.”

Month 3 –  “I look for ways to grow in wisdom and knowledge.”

Month 4 – 


Month 5 – 



Month 6 – 



Month 7 –



Month 8 – 



Month 9 – 



Month 10 – 



Month 11 – 



Month 12 – 



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