A Time to Ask for Change

A spectacular event will be happening in the Heavens for our wonder and insight.  It is, among several things, the coming together of two of the largest planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn.

Symbolically, one of the spiritual characteristics each of these planets represent is God’s Righteousness (Jupiter)  and His Word (Saturn).  They are already travelling very closely in our Solar System, coming into exact alignment on December 21, 2020.

On this day the planets that were part of the Heavens when the Star of Bethlehem showed the birth of Yeshua, Jesus, will come together strongly, marking the beginning of a new generation, a new era, even the beginning of the end of an Age.

On this day, God will perfectly align His Righteousness and Word for this new beginning and for us.  This will mark a new time, a time that will move us from some of the old established ways to new ways that will reflect the new time we will be living in.

This new way will be more spiritual, inventive, intellectual, independent, rebellious, and will ultimately work towards the good of all mankind.

We have an opportunity to ask for great blessings during this time.  We can ask the Lord to change areas of our lives that have been out of alignment with His will.  Those that have caused us frustration, heartache, and pain  Areas where we know we can go further, but just have not been able to. 

We can ask for all areas of life that have been mis-aligned to be aligned to God’s highest and best use, in our lives, our family’s lives, and even the world –  governments and those in authority.  We can spend time with the Lord God and get His insight so we can ask according to His will.  We can ask for unity for all people, through His Love, for the good of all His children.

This season of the miracle of the lights of Hanukkah will lead us to this grand conjunction and set the beginning of our lives and our hopes and dreams for the next 20 years and more! 

Though we will have to do the hard work of bringing this about, we can enter this new time with positive expectations, believing that  it will be fulfilled through the Holy Spirit, leading us to the day of Yeshua, our Lord’s, return.  We are part of this work, and the Lord will equip us with what we need to do our parts.

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