Rose, founder of New Moon Celebrations, and her husband, Charles

Charles and Rose Martin have been Believers in Yeshua Ha Mashiach, the Lord Jesus Christ, since 1986, and have studied and taught His Word in various ways for over thirty years.

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My husband and I have been Born Again Believers since 1986.  We have studied the Word every day of our lives since then and have worshiped and ministered in many different denominations throughout the years.   We love the Lord with all of our heart, soul and mind and serve Him with reverence,  thanksgiving and joy.

The Lord has recently shown me that by following God’s Cycles we can make more sense of our lives. These times of communication with the Lord increases our intimacy with Him as well as an understanding of our purpose in His grand scheme of things. 

Through following the cycles of the Lord, He also reveals and refines the characteristics He gave us.  Our intimacy and love for the Lord and others has grown tremendously already.

I want to acknowledge my husband’s participation as we learn this new way together.  He is my sounding board and advisor, and the proofreader of all my work.  Thank you Charles T. Martin!

We hope you will grow with us as we re-establish this Ancient, time tested way of living on God’s spiritual timetable.  We are honored that He has chosen us to share this new revelation. The Lord continues to give us fresh understanding of His truths each day.  We pray you will follow us and are blessed as we each fulfill the purposes the Lord, our Saviour has given us.

– Rose Martin

Ministries that have been instrumental to Rose and Charles in their walk with the Lord:

The House of David, Rabbi Curt Landry (Prophetic – One New Man)
The Tabernacle in Branson, Rabbi Jeremy Storch (Messianic Judaism)
Ekklesia Ministry, Prophet Phil Rich (Prophetic)
Faith Life Church, Pastor Neil May (Spirit-filled)
Parma Heights Baptist Church, Pastor Neil Theilenhaus (Bible foundation)
First Baptist Atlanta, Pastor Charles Stanley – our first ‘pastor’ after we found the Lord!

Rose looks forward to sharing the insights the Lord showed her about an overlooked appointed time with the Lord – The New Moon Celebration.

New Moon Celebrations teaches how to understand yourself, your life and your God better through following the cycles God has put into place.  Experience changes in your life as you learn about yourself and your walk with the Lord from a new perspective.

Questions about New Moon Celebrations?  Email Rose here.

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