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What would be revealed to you if you really spent some quality time with the Lord to hear His heart and then followed through with what He showed you?  How would that time spent improve the overall quality of your life?

What do you need answers to?  What opportunities are possible?

What secrets would the Lord, the Creator of the Universe, show you?

These are the areas of your life you can gain insight each month:

  • Identity, Image, Self
  • Possessions, Value, Worth, Money
  • Communication, Knowledge, Siblings, Logic
  • Family (Parents), Security, Home
  • Pleasure, Creativity, Children, Fun
  • Health, Service, Work
  • Marriage, Relationships, Unions
  • Death, Transformation, Psychology, Power, Sex
  • Philosophy, Beliefs, Ethics, Travel
  • Social, Career, Authority
  • Friendship, Community, Hope
  • Spirituality, Solitude, Self-reflection

Which areas of your life would like the Lord to shed more light?

The Lord can give you answers every day of the year, but each month there is a specific area He would like to teach you more about.  Throughout the year, you will have gone through all major areas of life, and will have grown in wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  

Get serious and meet with the Lord each month to start gaining more understanding into a specific area of your life.  Start building the person you were created to be.  Gain confidence and ability by drawing upon the wisdom and power of God, and having it work in your life.  Understanding how the Lord created you to be becomes the foundation of your life that results in success, joy and peace you have been searching for!

Go to your calendar and mark the date of the next New Moon and the time you are going to meet with Him, and start thinking about what it will be like already – what you’d like your time with the Lord to be like.

God loves you and has been waiting for you, and your special time together, your New Moon Celebration with Him!

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