Concentrated Changes Throughout the Rest of the Year

On July 4-5th the last of three eclipses of this eclipse season will occur.  Generally, there are 3 to 4 eclipses throughout an entire year.  We experienced that many in the last six weeks!  No wonder so much is getting stirred up in the world!  Physically, eclipses denote a change in energy.  Spiritually, they denote changes that will likely be ushered into our world.  Typically, the message of the eclipse helps remove or align areas that need to be dealt with, and especially ones that we did not or could not previously adjust ourselves. This is ultimately for the betterment of our lives, even though it does not feel that way when we are going through it!  (Hebrews 12:11).  It’s a good time to ask things you’ve been struggling to remov for This applies to our individual lives as well as the world.

As we can see all around us, there are many shifts, shakings and changes going on.  Authority is being challenged.  Beliefs are being challenged.  Faith is being challenged.  This is the deepest shaking in hundreds of years.  It will continue.  The foundations of our world and the problems in how we live are being exposed, many of them crumbled and brought all the way down.  New ways to handle old situations will result from it, but it is a long, destructive process. 

In the spiritual you can say it is the result of the accumulation of sin that has been committed over the past hundreds of years.  Sowing and reaping.  It is time for justice and law and order to be restored.  Thankfully, God has prepared the path to lead us to a new way of living, cleansed from the old.  The old ways that need to be replaced are highlighted by the acts of violence, disobedience, and the exposure of corruption.  Everything that needs to be exposed will be exposed. 

Thankfully, many of the changes that are going on in our personal lives are happening in private, and the whole world does not need to see! We are each being transformed during this season.  In the world however, much of it is visible.   It is time to get rid of the ‘dead weight’ so that we can move to a better, more balanced, solid foundation, as we move to a  time where our values will shift and concerns about humanity vs concerns about money and status will be emphasized.  This is happening during this time. 

Toward the end of this December, there will be another major shift.  In the Heavens, there are signs indicating a change of Heavenly government.  This change occurs every 20 years.  It is signified by the conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn called the Great Conjunction.  It is also called the Messiah conjunction, as this was the Primary Star Pattern that the Wise Men looked for to find Yeshua, Jesus.  This does not necessarily mean that the Lord is returning at the time of this conjunction, for we do not know the day or the hour.  What this does mean is that the spirit of a new form of heavenly influence, which forms a new generation, will be upon us.  Combined with the other major planetary alignments that deal with the restructuring of authority, status, foundation, beliefs, it makes this a life changing time.  There is a worldwide change going on that involves the rapid transformation of the social, political, financial, and religious orders of our world. 

This Jupiter-Saturn Grand Conjunction has been planned by our Creator since the beginning of time.  It signifies the massive changes to come.  The process leading up to this point has already begun.  There is no going back, only forward.  But we do not need to live in fear.  We need to live in faith. 

The events around us, as well as how we live through them, will change our lives too.  We are being transformed as well. 

Biblically and astrologically, the planets Jupiter and Saturn have been called ‘chronicators’ or markers of time.  Jupiter also represents Chesed, the Mercy of God, expansion, and benevolence.  It conjuncts with Saturn, Binah, which represents the Word, Authority and Structure of God, as well as constriction and discipline.  These two will combine their influences as they meet up in Aquarius, which provides them with an atmosphere of new hopes and dreams and results for humanity.  Through independent thinking and some extremism, new technologies, friendships, groups, communities will be developed, and all will be built on the new foundations brought on by this upheaval we are going through  The opportunity to rebuild on the Word will be all around.  It will be a more spiritual atmosphere.  There will be more opportunities to care for our fellow man.  More love for God.

There will be many that will lean to New Age philosophy during this change, growing in humanity apart from acknowledging the Lord as Savior.  The key for Believers will be to move and flow with the Lord and grow through the changes with Him.  Our lives will look different a year from now, and our obedience and faith will keep us in His ways.  Immersion in the Word and continual contact with the Lord will keep our focus on the One True God.  The insight given in the  biblical celebration of the New Moon will continue to help guide us through each Month and strengthen our faith.

To reach this point of a change in Heavenly government, a cleansing is occurring.  Energy is being activated.  The lower, base energies of shame, guilt, and hate are the most easily activated.  The fleshliest energies start the shaking.  This is reflected in the riots, rebellion, destruction.  You can say they are the devil’s energies.  All of these start the shaking.  If we all lived in the highest energy of Love, this would not be happening.  We would first of all not have the problems, but secondly, we would handle them in a more understanding loving way.  That’s  where we want to be (1 Corinthians 13:13; 1 John 3-4).  But to get there we need to get rid of the corrupt, unaligned structures of our world.

This re-alignment begins in the Spiritual realm, through the Spirit and the Word.  Our relationship with God the Father through Yeshua His Son guides us and comforts us  through this time through the leading of the Holy Spirit and His Word.  How responsive you are to living according to the Word and Its guidelines will make the difference between getting through this historical time in faith and victory or going through it in fear.

Awareness.  Awakening.  Many truths are being revealed and seen for the first time!

The two areas highlighted during this eclipse season have an emphasis on the balance between Ancestry and Sovereignty; Roots and Authority; Security and Structure.  The values and meanings of home, family, heritage, roots, ancestry, security are being reestablished as the foundation of authority, status, success and power in our world, both materially and spiritually.

Turbulent times will continue through the end of this year.  After the Messiah Conjunction occurs on December 21, 2020, and continuing throughout 2021, we will begin the process of revealing answers.  It will not necessarily be easy.  There will be many starts and stops along the way as we figure out new ways to live in society.  You could say we will be re-building from the ground up.

The Lord has been and will continue to prepare us for what is coming up.  We can continue to strengthen the foundation of our lives as outlined in each Month’s New Moon theme.  Each Month a new area of life is highlighted, and we have an opportunity to review it before the Lord and make adjustments in our lives and faith and get empowered.  It is a type of discipleship program where our Father’s hand guides us each Month  giving us His Wisdom and Insight through the Holy Spirit.

As you draw closer to Him, you will feel more confident that you are being led by the Holy Spirit each day.  The gifts and abilities of prophecy and intuition will be increased in order to be able to have the discernment needed to navigate through these uncertain and changing times.

Since we are still undergoing massive changes and the completion of the rebuilding is still a ways off, it is helpful to understand the bigger picture surrounding all of the violence and destruction that is presently going on.  Corruption and inefficient, unjust systems are being exposed. They are all up for review through the rest of this year.  There will be several more spikes of violence and control issues that will result in more changes. 

This is a general outline of the energies being reflected in the Heavenlies at this time.  Each country and each person will experience it differently.  Some will have it easier than others.  Some will have it harder.  Some have already gone through hard times and are able to help those that need it now.

Only God knows His ways and timings, and only He knows how a new way can actually manifest out of all of this.  Maybe all of this anger and violence will cause us to call a truce – with God as well as our neighbors, humble ourselves and pray, and seek a better way to work this out!  A new way is coming and is being ushered in by the Spirit of God, for such a time as this.  But for now, build your foundation on faith in the truth of the Word.  Rest under the shadow of the Wings of the Almighty (Psalm 91) and ride out the waves of change that are upon us.  God knows the plan and He knows you.  This is an opportunity for you to get to know Him in a deeper way!

——— Insight into the Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on 7-4/5-20 ——–


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