12 Months to Wholeness – Month Three

Month Three – I look for opportunities to grow in wisdom and knowledge.

Life teaches us lessons.  We learn even if we don’t make any effort to simply because life happens.  These lessons can shape our journey toward becoming whole.  We learn many valuable lessons that way.

If we want to, or have to, we can also learn on purpose, on our own.  We can educate ourselves and take part in directing the path of our individual lives.

It’s generally fun to learn new things!  But when we need to make important changes, they may not be so fun, and so we avoid making them.  Especially when we become adults – who’s going to tell us what to do now that we’re grown up?!

Dealing with issues in our lives
Sometimes life has a way of making us do things that we don’t want to do.  Now is one of the seasons of time where the areas of life that need to be dealt with are being identified and addressed.  We can deal with these areas voluntarily or life will force us to comply.

We can see this happening in the world today.  Laws are being challenged and changed or upheld; people from high to low are being ousted from their positions of power; the government is under new management and houses are being cleaned.  The long arm of the law is reaching out and taking care of things.  People are receiving a real education!

A similar thing is happening in some individuals’ lives too.  However, it is the long arm of the Law, the Law of God’s Universe, that is reaching into our lives.  The habits, patterns and shortcomings people have wanted to change but haven’t are no longer just a nuisance but are causing real problems.  They are being highlighted in the world and in our lives.  We know we’ve got to start dealing with them or life is not going to go well.  We just know it.  We’ve got to deal with them and get things back on track. We need a revamp.  We need to get realigned.  Answers are needed.  Solid answers.

“I look for opportunities to grow in wisdom and understanding.”
This month we look at better ways to walk the talk – living out our daily lives through our habits and routines; taking an interest in learning how to do things in new ways; cleaning out old thoughts, ways, habits, patterns that do not work anymore; keeping our minds active and alert, communicating with the world and interacting with it; adding new education to areas that need to be refined; replace current ways to keep updated.

Just like our computer programs have updates (some more often than others), our minds also need to get updates to keep updated with what’s happening in our and others’ lives.

Education, Wisdom, Communication
To take responsibility for our lives and have the resources we need, we must expand our knowledge and learn more about improving our lives in order to succeed.  In addition to prayer, the answers we need can be found through education, wisdom, communication.

So far on our 12 Month Plan for Wholeness:
Month 1 – we took responsibility for our lives

Month 2 – we realized we have the resources we need to take charge of our lives

Month 3 – we open ourselves up to learning new things.  This is the focus of this month – being open to educate ourselves and learn new ways to live an improved life.  We have great intelligence which gives us the ability to find ways to change and adjust parts of our lives so that we can experience more satisfaction.

There is so much to learn about life! This is why there is so much information out there for us to discover!

As children and teens in school we learned Reading, Writing and ‘Rithmetic, Science, Gym, Home Economics, Shop – advanced classes too in – English, Algebra, Chemistry, and even Sunday School.  We learn a little bit about a lot of topics in elementary, in high school and perhaps college.

As adults we need to continue our education so that we can be up to date in the variety of areas that make up our current lives. We can take classes, and we can teach ourselves.

But first we should answer some questions for ourselves.  We should go back to the basics and make sure the fundamentals in our lives are right.  What are we basing our life information on?  How does it line up with how we want to live our lives?  What do we want to accomplish?  How do we interact with the world around us?  We can improve these things as we learn.

What is your source of information? 
What is the truth behind the knowledge you have?  There are so many possible sources.  What should you believe?  A good life is built on a good foundation of truth.

Thankfully there is a play book for life provided for us.  Many know it as the Bible and as a foundational book for mankind, there is none better.  And ultimately knowing and following the Writer of this Book, the Creator of life, should be our goal.

The principles of the Book still make life more stable for everyone who uses them.  It is a stable, trustworthy source that includes information about every area of life that we deal with.  It teaches us morals and the golden rules of life.

There are also many other great books focusing on most topics you can think of.  You can learn something about any area of your life! Food, exercise, travel, finances, family – pick a topic!  Other life topics – spirituality, technology, work skills, parenting, hobbies, relationships.

We learn some of these things in school but it is surprising that after that most people stop learning.  Why is that?

Sometimes we are afraid to learn new things about ourselves
Ignorance is bliss.  We think, “If I don’t know I have a problem, then I don’t have to be accountable or fix it.”  Or maybe we think we might really find out something bad about yourselves!

To get back to the basics we need to face our fears.  But it doesn’t have to be extreme, unless it’s an emergency. We can learn to face our fears little by little as we study and educate ourselves in the truth of life.  We can build up our foundation, little by little.  Too much at one time can overwhelm us anyhow and will not be absorbed.  We drive out the old thoughts and replace them with new ones one by one.

We can sow the seeds of life found in the Word – positive, uplifting instructions for our entire life – into our body, soul and spirit.  We can fill our minds, speech and thoughts with these and even avoid problems because of it.

Resistance to learning
No one really wants to look at their problems.  Sometimes we feel defeated and can’t even look at solutions.  We think that if we don’t know it already, there can’t be another answer for it.  We don’t think any other way will work other than the one that we tried that did not work, so we resist doing any more studying.

Our minds need to be opened to the possibility that there are new things to learn, even if we don’t know it or think of it already.  Pride needs to get out of the way.

Knowledge is a tool.  Not a god.  We have big minds that we can use if we want!  We just need to submit them and all we know to the One Who Created us.  God wants to show us more of His World and has exciting answers waiting for us!

Answers are available.  When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  Get ready!  It’s time to find new unique ways to expand the gifts and talents you have stored up in you.

Some areas will take a while to renew, but steps can be taken.  Seeds planted.

We learn by repetition.  Even if you don’t realize it, you are learning when you do something over and over.  Repetition ingrains patterns into your life.  Words read, spoken and meditated on will train your mind, will and emotions, through the seed of life that they carry.

I grow in knowledge and wisdom and am open to learning new things about…life!
If we take a look at the specifics of our lives, we will discover the root of the area where we have problems.  We can ask ourselves some questions on how to improve the root of the issue.  Maybe you lacking the necessary skills and abilities to handle the situation, or maybe you need to re-educate yourself in certain areas?  Does this way of thinking still make sense for this time of your life? Is this the best way to do this?  Is there another way to improve this area of life?

Sometimes years of accumulated attitudes have warped our viewpoint and need to be recognized, worked through and changed. The source of these issues need to be found.

The School of Life will teach us over time.  To live our lives to the fullest we need to continue to learn, to round out and balance our personalities and to specialize in an area of life in a purposeful way.

Money, Health and Purpose
Some of the common areas everyone needs to know about, where basic education would solve a lot of problems, are money, health, and purpose.  We can get to the basics of these.

Money – If we have trouble with money – have you taken a financial class of any kind?  Are you learning something about how money works?  Do you know the basics of finances including how to balance a checkbook or create a monthly/yearly budget?  Do you have a skill you can use to produce more income?  Are you developing it and growing it?

Health – have you taken some natural health classes to understand how your body works and learn what it needs and what to do to take care of it on a daily basis?  Medical doctors cannot speak to you about natural health remedies – it is against their license.  You will have to learn this information on your own.

Purpose – Are you open to trying new things to see what interests you? Are you making opportunities to refine your skills, build up your skill set, so that when the time comes to use them, you will be ready?  We can get a general idea of the Lord’s direction for our lives, and prepare, but exactly how it will happen and when is up to Him.  Man plans his course, but it is the Lord that determines his steps.

Start learning today!
We can learn more about how to handle life!  Start now.  You don’t have to wait until you are perfect or know how to do something before you start.  Learn something every day to get your mind ready to receive more.  Plant the correct seeds into your life.

Miracles can and do happen.  God can change every circumstance.  He also wants to teach us to live so that we can master our skills and live our lives in joy, peace and fulfillment of purpose.

Learning is a lifelong opportunity
On our path to wholeness, we need to include continuing education in our lives.  Learning shouldn’t end when we graduate from our formal education like high school, Bible school, vocational school, College, Doctorate.  Even PhD’s should not stop learning! These foundational institutions are wonderful – but don’t stop there!  Life is for the learning and the growing and the experiencing.

On your own, as an individual with responsibility for his or her individual path in life, you can develop new interests, hobbies, spiritual pursuits, purpose in life, and experience new understanding.

Through classes, books, living life freely, meditation, working through each day and completing the mitzvah (good work) of the moment/day/week/month/season/year/s, you will grow in wisdom and knowledge.

You can also learn new skills or hobbies like gardening, swimming, or jogging.  You are a bundle – a package.  A gift that needs to be unwrapped and developed.

Some topics are fun to learn.  Others are not so much fun to learn but in the long run are so necessary for our growth and wholeness.

Through more and more time learning, more and more of your life will make sense.  Good habits and lifestyles will replace troublesome ones.  Life will begin to flow more freely and confidently, and the ups and downs can be handled in a more confident way, knowing there is a solid foundation for your beliefs.

Being surer of what you know and believe will give you a surer way to communicate with others, which will give you a more confident path through life.



wholeness month 3 - wisdom knowledge

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