12 Months to Wholeness – Month Two

I Believe I AM ABLE to be Responsible for My Life

How can you gain the skills and confidence you need to take charge of your life?  After you acknowledge that you are indeed responsible for your life (Month One) you may have come to the thought – ‘How can I do this?’  ‘Can I really be responsible for my life?’

You may feel that you do not have the ability, the inner strength, the organization, the wisdom, the understanding you need to be responsible for areas of your life. The first step is to say it, even if you don’t believe it – yet!  “I believe I AM ABLE to be responsible for my life.”

In this second month of our “12 Months to Wholeness” walk we will learn that we have resources available to us that will empower us to take on the responsibility for ourselves!  We don’t have to be rich, famous or wealthy to have these resources!

We generally think that the most treasured resource is money and think it will solve all of our problems.  It is true that money solves some problems, but we need to recognize that we have other resources at our disposal – more enduring ones.  These include our beliefs, values and talents.  These are deep within us and can be a firm foundation for our lives that cannot be taken away.

Let’s look at two new areas – Beliefs and Control.

Some of our beliefs can cause problems because they are founded on abnormal fears and desires instead of the strength and principles of the Word of God.   Abnormal fears and desires can lead to pain and greed and can show up in your life ranging anywhere from depression to rage.  This is serious stuff!  It’s easy to see how operating in depression and rage can cause you to make decisions that keep you from being responsible for your life because you are operating out of pain and greed instead of out of firm beliefs and values.  You end up making bad decisions.

Losing Your Faith
To believe you have to have faith.  Faith creates your beliefs and values.  The most important faith is faith in God and His Word for your life and salvation.  However, even this faith can be shaken.  If we lose faith in something, we are let down.  If we lose our faith in God, or the church, a spouse, career, country, even money and material things, our lives can be left without a rudder and things can fall apart. If this happens, we need to find a way to start believing in something good again to be able to pick up our lives.

Ask yourself, do the things you believe in add to the firm foundation of your life, or are they shaky to begin with?

Some things are not worthy of our faith and can even become idols. We need to identify the beliefs in our lives that are harmful to us and purposely replace them with positive beliefs, so we can again build our confidence and identity (last month’s Wholeness Key).

Reversing your thoughts
Thoughts of not being good enough, not having enough, not knowing enough, will weaken your foundation and potential.  To begin to reverse those thoughts, and to believe more positive things about ourselves and our lives, we need to start with this month’s statement, “I believe I AM ABLE to be responsible for my life.”  Adding God’s Word to the foundation of this statement, we can say, “I can do all things through Him Who strengthens me.”

When your abnormal fears and desires are replaced by applying the principles found in the Word of God, you become rooted in the Source of all life.  This will anchor your values and beliefs on solid resourced.  When you believe in the power of the Word, it works in you to show you truth and to heal your soul.  As it gives you strength and confidence, you will be able to deal with normal fears and desires of life with the truth, the leading of the Holy Spirit and your instincts and not pain or greed.  You will be able to start taking charge of your life!

Taking Charge vs. Controlling
What’s the difference between taking charge and controlling?  When you take charge you have confidence and know what to do to assure a successful outcome in any situation, whether it is easy or hard.  Controlling is micromanaging everyone and everything because you fear a negative outcome.  You are trying to navigate around the fears and insecurities that you are trying to avoid dealing with (like your abnormal fears and desires!).

Sometimes you want to take charge, but you are being controlled by someone else’s false expectations of you.  Loose boundaries in your life may cause you to be living according to other people’s wishes and you feel you cannot take charge.  That’s why you do the things you shouldn’t, because you can’t do the things you should.  The desire of what you want to do gets squelched by doing what others expect you to do.

Where does that desire go?
If your unfulfilled desires and energies are not directed in a productive way, they can be redirected into food, into drink, into drugs, into bad relationships, into work, into internal turmoil. Some people use food.  If they can’t control life outside of themselves, they can control the part of life inside themselves – what they eat.  Too much, too little, nothing at all.

In what area of your life are you using unproductive and unfulfilling solutions?

Our inner resources are developed and maintained through our thoughts.  How can we develop these resources of beliefs, values and talents?

Repetition needed
To change our beliefs, we need to change our thoughts, and that takes time.  To change a thought you need to replace it with another thought.  Fill the void of the old thought with a new positive, uplifting, God-centered thought.  Think about it, say it out loud, repeat it daily! Repetition will make it real and everlasting.

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to start believing in something new.  The first belief we need to muster our strength to say is, “I believe I am able to be responsible for my life.”  Still your weary inner voice and say out loud, “I believe I am able to be responsible for my life.”

It will begin to sound more possible to you each time you say that, even if at first you don’t believe it.

In this case, as always, we have help from the Lord.  Scripture assures us, “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13   We have the Lord to help us, but we do need to make the effort ourselves.

It is still our responsibility
We have to remember that we can lean on the Lord but we still need to take individual responsibility.  The Lord has given each one of us a life and it is up to each of us to make the most of it.  He gave us a wonderful opportunity, along with the optimal life guide found in the Word to live it.  Learning that there is a plan for your life as well as the entire Universe can also help you to rest knowing that your life will not fall apart.

We can begin building our resources today!
Our ability to take responsibility for our lives depends on having the needed resources.  Our resources come not only in the form of money, but also in the form of beliefs and values that we hold inside of ourselves – the things that we treasure in life.  Our faith in something strengthens our beliefs and values.

“I believe I AM ABLE to be responsible for my life.”  This thought will get you started. Repetition is needed.  This month, Month Two, take the time to think and repeat this statement throughout the month.  Jot down the things you feel you are responsible for and begin to look at them in the light of this statement.

Once you do this, you will start to see confirmations of your new ability.  You’ll find that the Spirit will show you that you are identifying and making changes (at least in attitude) in these problem areas of your life.  Confidence is building as you repeat with more assurance, “I believe I AM ABLE to take responsibility for my life.”

Next Month we will learn more about our thoughts and communication and how they can lead us to wholeness.  But for this month, just keep repeating, “I believe I am able to take charge of my life.”  If you do this, next month at this time you will already notice the quiet confidence that is being built in you!

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