Full Moon Eclipse, June 5, 2020 – Information Overload

Full Moon June 5, 2020 – Partial Lunar Eclipse
15 degrees Sagittarius

A quick update for the upcoming Full Moon on June 5, 2020. It is a Partial Lunar Eclipse. It indicates a time where there is a lot of new information and many times this information opposes what we have known and believed to be true in the past.

Throughout the Summer we will continue to re-evaluate relationships, values, beliefs, systems, structures as we view and experience the events happening around the world.  Top down structure and authority are still being torn down in order to be built up.  The purging is going deep, so it will get to the nitty gritty in every area of authority and structure in place now in the world as well as in our lives.  Surprising events will square with your currents beliefs which will force you to decide what you really believe.

Because of the many things coming at us at once throughout this time, it is a good time to be an observer and take things in and see how they line up with the Word and God’s ways before making firm changes.  Because things will change again, and the more flexible and detached we can be with what is going on, and the more we can flow with the Spirit and discern His direction. We will have more overall insight and less stress as we go through these turbulent times.

The times we have lived in are closing and it is now a time of letting the past go.  The past is gone.  We will never have the normal we had before.  It’s time for the new, and the opportunity for the new to be established on the Word.



In the wonderful timing of the Lord, He has led me to complete the assignment He charged me with 4 years ago!  I have finished the book that introduces Believers to the message of God in the Heavens.  It also includes the basis of the New Moon Celebrations, and how to make the most of them in your life. 

This is happening in the Biblical Month of Sivan, which focuses on communication and learning, and at the Feast of Shavuot, which is when the Commandments were given at Mt. Sinai and the Holy Spirit was given 3000 years later at Pentecost.

In the Spirit of this Month and all that it entails, I introduce my new book, ‘Your Destiny Discovered, Astrology for Believers.’ 

In it you will learn how the Heavens communicate God’s messages through the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars that He created on the 4th day. These symbols in the Heavens include information about your birth that reveal the gifts and talents you were born with to fulfill your life’s purpose. 

It explains Astrology from a Christian, Born-again perspective, showing how it was used by the forefathers of our faith, and how it is still valuable for Believers today.

The eBook is ready now, with the print version to be completed shortly. I invite you to learn more about the book at www.YourDestinyDiscovered.com.  And then, if you’d like to learn more about your gifts and talents, be sure to contact me to get your Primary Star Pattern so that you can follow along with the book and find out about your will, emotions and gifts and talents you were born with to use and develop as you fulfill your life’s purpose.

At this time of re-evaluating everything around us, we can also re-evaluate what we know about the Heavens and Luminaries God created on the 4th day and the insight they provide.  I invite you to discover them in a brand-new way during this season of new insights and beginnings. ​

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