How Do the Heavens Speak to Us?

God created the heavens and speaks through them!  There is a language that He teaches those He chooses, who in turn interpret and share with others, who then have insight into the direction of the world and also their lives.  Those who read the heavens are Seers and can help the modern-day Apostles and Prophets guide the church.  The heavens offer a roadmap to the lay of the land and we can use the Bible as a guide to navigate it.

There is powerful activity going on in the heavens at this time.  Using information from the Tree of Life and interpreting the signs in the heavens, we see that Binah (Understanding) which represents the Archangel Tzaphkiel and symbolized by the planet Saturn, has been teaming up with Da’at (Knowledge), Pluto.  Saturn represents God’s law and order and structure.  One of the areas Pluto represents is destruction and rebuilding.

They both are dealing with the power and authority structures.  We can see that happening in the top down authority in our world.  There is a battle going on.  We can join in by praying for the faulty structures to be torn down and replaced with a solid foundation.

The  Archangel Raziel symbolized by Chochmah and the planet Uranus, are shaking things up in the world through sudden, life changing events.  They are also shaking the physical land through earthquakes and other weather/land related events.

Joining in the heavenly warfare is the Archangel Tzadkiel. Represented by Chesed (Mercy) on the Tree of Life and Jupiter in the heavens.  This is giving us additional power, spiritual insight and mercy to help us on our personal battles.

Through the New Moons the Heavens are currently urging us to build our foundations.  To examine areas of our lives to make sure our foundation is built on Him.  Each New Moon provides instructions and guidance for the upcoming month. By understanding the signs of the times in the heavens, Believers can get direction and vision for their lives and develop a closer spiritual walk with God.


Monthly insights into the heavens can be found at

The symbolism of the heavens has been around for God’s people since Adam.  The interpretation of it has been taken away from the Church.  It is becoming available for Believers again, so that we can be effective in our pilgrimage on this earth.  It is a time of great change and the Lord wants us to be aware.

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