How to Celebrate the Biblical New Moon

Celebrating the New Moon is giving people a greater understanding of their life and purpose in God’s great plan.

It is an evolving feast of the Lord – it’s roots go back to creation, but it is just now being reborn, being discovered by Believers for the first time.

The guidelines are found in the Bible, but the actual celebration is open for interpretation as people discover how it works in their lives.

Suggestions for the New Moon Celebration

​Begin to pray to the Lord to show you the meaning of this special time.  Ask Him to open up your understanding of His way of speaking to you about your life through symbolism.

Get some type of calendar/journal to be able to note New and Full moon dates, and write down prayer requests, goals, Scripture for the month.

Journal space to write your conversations with God during your special New Moon Celebration time, or whenever you have a new revelation or something special through the month.

Open with Sounding of the Shofar

Light Menorah Candles

Seek the Lord and ask for His insight into the month according to the topic He is asking you to focus on. Present your requests to God.

Journal what He shows you.

Communion – Bread and Wine

Closing Prayer

Fellowship meal if celebrating with others.

​During the month, purposely look up and look at the moon and ponder the vastness of God and His Universe, and that He knows you intimately!

This is a new celebration for us and we will be observing it as the Lord leads, and we expect it to evolve as we gain more understanding of the fullness of this time, as well as learning to live with the new rhythm of our lives.

We hope you join us on this wonderful new journey with the Lord!

What can this new moon reveal to you about your life?  Discover for yourself the area of life the Lord wants to show you more about this month.

​Send for your Sun and Moon sign information, so you can locate the area of your life the Lord will be focusing on in the coming month.

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