Jupiter and Saturn in Your Life

Discover what the Wise Men knew about the Star of Bethlehem!

Just as the Star Pattern of Jupiter and Saturn come together to make up the Star of Bethlehem and the strong message that it carries, this Star Pattern can also give us revelation and insight into our lives today!

There was a specific Star Pattern in the Heavens on the day you were born that has a message about who you were created to be.  Through faith-based interpretation, this pattern reveals a clearer message of who God created you to be and how to deepen your relationship with your Loving Father.

Your Destiny Discovered: Astrology for Believers by Rose Martin reveals the meaning of your unique Star Pattern to give you amazing insight and confirmation of who you are inside.  You will be amazed at what you learn, and awed that God knows so much about you!

Your Destiny Discovered: Astrology for Believers by Rose Martin makes the heavens real to Believers using Biblical truths as the foundation.  It brings the messages of the signs in the heavens down to earth so you can see your life a little clearer. 

You can begin to learn what the Wise Men knew about the ancient art of Astrology, based on the Jewish interpretation of the Heavens – the Jewish heritage of Yeshua, Jesus – the heritage that is ours as Believers.

Where are Jupiter and Saturn giving your an opportunity to develop your ability?

You can learn what the Wisemen knew from understanding the messages in the Heavens. through faith-based Astrology.

“Your Destiny Discovered, Astrology for Believers” by Rose Martin explains Astrology from a Christian, Born-again perspective, showing how Astrology was used by the forefathers of our faith, and is still valuable for Believers today.

​Learn how the Heavens communicate God’s messages through the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars that He created on the 4th day and how they provide guidance and understanding of the gifts and talents you were born with to fulfill your life’s purpose.

You do not have to study Astrology to learn about yourself from this book.  If you do want to study the Divine Science of Astrology, this is a safe place to begin and not violate your Christian beliefs.

Born-again Christians and Messianic Jews, the One New Man in faith, are all searching for answers to life’s questions and their faith walk.  Believers want to be part of the great work of reclaiming and spreading the Light of the Lord in the Mountains of Influence in our world. Biblical Astrology is designed to reveal the skills and talents they possess that support their calling. 

​”Your Destiny Discovered, Astrology for Believers,” by Rose Martin is for those who want to discover more about themselves and the people in their lives.

Your Destiny Discovered

When you order your copy today, you will receive with it the personalized breakdown of the components of your Star Pattern – The Sun, The Moon and your Rising Sign – as well as locating the area of your life the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is highlighting in your birth chart.

Discover which area of your life where your ability will grow!

Get your copy of the new paperback book, Your Destiny Discovered: Astrology for Believers by Rose Martin, along with your individual Star Pattern and Jupiter Saturn Great Conjunction information only $20.00. It includes free shipping in USA.

Please include your exact birth information in the notes with your order:  The month, day, and year of your birth, as well as the city, state, country, as well as the exact time of birth am/pm.  If you do not know your exact birth time, please do not guess.  It makes a big difference in the positioning of your birth chart.  So, just say you don’t know it and we will uncover the remaining components and send them to you.

Your Destiny Discovered: Astrology for Believers by Rose Martin will open up new doors of understanding of your life for the new phase that is being ushered in!

Order your personalized copy here!

For more information about Faith-based Astrology visit www.YourDestinyDiscovered.com

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