Mazzaroth – Hebrew Zodiac

Mazzaroth – Story in the Sky

God speaks to us in many ways through nature as Romans 1:18-25 tells us. There is a message for all to see in the Heavens through the stars and constellations.

The Hebrew name for the zodiac is the Mazzaroth. Throughout the twelve constellations in the Hebrew Zodiac (Mazzaroth) a fascinating story of God’s plan for mankind’s redemption unfolds.

1. Virgo – The Seed of the Woman – The virgin holding a branch and an ear of corn; the promised seed of the woman. Messiah the Incarnate Son.

2. Libra – The Required Price Paid – The scales; the price deficient balanced by the price that covers. Messiah the Redeemer.

3. Scorpio – The Mortal Conflict – The scorpion; the attack of the enemy; the redeemer’s conflict. Messiah the Sufferer.

4. Sagittarius – The Final Triumph – The archer; the gracious one; the redeemer’s triumph. Messiah the Conqueror.

5. Capricorn – Life Out of Death – The sea goat; the goat of atonement slain for the redeemed. Messiah the Sacrifice.

6. Aquarius – Blessing Out of Victory – The water bearer; the living waters of blessing poured forth for the redeemed. Messiah the Living Water.

7. Pisces – Deliverance Out of Bondage – The fishes; the multitudes who will follow; the blessings of the redeemed. Messiah the Liberator.

8. Aries – Glory Out of Humiliation – The ram or lamb; wounded and slain, the blessings of the redeemed consummated. Messiah the Crowned Lamb.

9. Taurus – His Glorious Coming – The bull; the congregation of the judge; the coming judge of all the earth. Messiah the Judge.

10. Gemini – His Rule on Earth – The twins; two natures; the reign of the prince of peace. Messiah the King.

11. Cancer – His Possessions Held Secure – The crab; assembled together; the redeemer’s possessions held fast. Messiah the Protector.

12. Leo – His Enemies Destroyed – The Lion of the tribe of Judah; the consummated triumph of the redeemer in the end. Messiah the Victor!

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