Now! A Unique Window of Time for Spiritual Empowerment

Spiritual insight, power, and love are being poured down from Heaven for all who are thirsty and ready to receive! 

We are in a unique window of time that is leading to great empowerment.  Spiritual insight, power, and love are being poured down from Heaven for all who are thirsty and ready to receive!  An exact aspect like this in the Heavens will not be experienced again in our lifetime.  It’s a time to realize, receive, and remember the spiritual insight, dreams, and plans that are being revealed and manifested at this time!

The Lord has been preparing and strengthening us in various ways for the current upheaval that is cleansing the world, leading to a season of rebuilding that will then take place – all in God’s timing.  Each of the past six Months an area of life has been highlighted so that we could receive insight and alignment for anything lacking in that area.  Each Month provided a topic for reflection and grounding of our faith and walk with the Lord so we would be stable as the times got shaky.  During this time much has been discovered and exposed in the world in the areas of authority, power structures, human rights, partnerships, corruption, and disappearing dreams and visions for the future.

Now the emphasis is on releasing a massive influx of Spiritual Power for healing and equipping, as well as a strong determination to reform old, corrupted ways and bring them into alignment with new values that are based on the good that remains from the foundation of the past.  Now the determination, love, and strength to begin this work is energetically and spiritually available and is flowing from the Heavens to our Earth from our Creator above.  This will manifest differently for everyone.

During this highly spiritual time, ask and you shall receive, both seeds and manifestations in the ability –

  • to imagine what seem to be impossible dreams
  • to see more of the spiritual dimension behind the physical world
  • to understand new viewpoints about life
  • to get solutions to long unanswered questions
  • to have unconditional love and compassion for people
  • to unite with others to live as One New Man

Ask and you shall receive –

  • The ensuing energy, drive, determination, discipline, responsibility, power, and self-control to do your part to bring this into the physical and spiritual realm.

As Believers we need to look for these positive energies, as there can be a pull towards the opposite of spirituality and the faith in God’s power, such as escapism, addictions, excessive reactions, victimization, isolation, or a feeling of helplessness.  If you feel you are heading toward the negative aspect of this, remember that God is pouring down the help you need in the Spiritual for you to manifestation in the natural.  He will help you balance these tendencies in your life.  Use your imagination to believe and receive the good.

The world is going through a massive transformation, and the Lord is giving us the general road map through the Divine Science of Astrology, interpreted through the Holy Spirit. For the specific insights, He uses the Prophets.  This time is especially powerful for the Prophets to receive fresh downloads from the Spirit.

Through all the Spiritual Energy that is being poured on the Earth and the many souls that are receiving it, lives will be changed, and signs of a powerful spiritual awakening should begin to be seen and felt by the Passover Feast and Resurrection Celebration, which come at the time of the Spring Equinox when the new Spiritual and Zodiacal year begins.  Even as the world continues to change, we will then begin a new cycle of transformation and alignment in each of the areas of our lives that has been uprooted through all the changes over the past years using the new plan that is unfolding for the world and our individual lives. We’ll start with renewing and building our identity, values, communication, home, recreation, and work with the new visions, directions, and goals in mind each Month as the yearly cycle of growth starts all over again.  A major shift in the Spiritual Realm will equip us to pioneer and implement the new and improved ways of life that will change the world. It will be a new beginning! 

It is a new beginning, but not necessarily and easy one.  We are in an intense battle between good and evil.  There is much work to do, both physically and spiritually.  The Lord is supplying us with what we need.  A new closeness to God can be experienced as we walk through His roadmap together, utilizing the gifts and talents He’s equipped us with for this season of our journey. 

We are living in a time where the world is going through a massive change – all for the good.  And we are a part of making it happen with and for the Lord.  We are here for such a time as this!  Receive all that God is sending now to prepare us for the task!

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