Ready or Not, It’s Time for Transformation – The USA Pluto Return

At this time, another once-in-a-lifetime configuration is taking place in the Heavens.  It is known as the United States’ Pluto return.  Its energy has already been felt and is now getting stronger and more focused. This, along with other Signs in the Heavens, shows us the major physical and spiritual pressures behind the transformations that are happening in the world.

How does that affect us?  This Pluto return is happening in USA’s second house, which deals with the country’s resources, finances, and values.  We can expect major transformations in these areas.  Power struggles involving money or possessions are possible.  This has already begun, and now it will gain intensity, continuing its transformation through 2023.  As United States goes through its financial revolution, so will the world. 

A planetary return is when a planet, in its circuit around the Sun, ‘returns’ to the same exact position that it was at the birth of an individual, event or a country as shown in their individual Natal Chart.  Some returns happen often, and others take lifetimes, as in the case of transiting Pluto.  For the USA Pluto return, it means that Pluto is in the same spot it was 248 years ago when USA and the Constitution was born on July 4, 1776. 

Pluto is the planet that represents transition, regeneration and rebirth.  It destroys and then rebuilds anew, rising as a phoenix.  Its purpose is to purge darkness.  It represents endings and beginnings.  It is a very strong transformative energy.  In 1776 Pluto was at 27 degrees 32 minutes in the constellation of Capricorn.  On February 20, 2022, it was in this exact position again.

Some of the same energies that were at work in 1776 are at work currently.

The atmosphere in 1776 was revolutionary.  We can see that we are in a revolutionary type of period again.  Our Constitution will also be revisited, as we see how far our country has veered from it and make our way back to the original intentions for this country.

We are going through a transformational time.  What can we do through a Pluto return?

Buckle up! Hold tight to your belief in God and keep the faith.

Allow things that need to change in your life and around you to happen. 

Be a light during the transformation and rebirth that is going on in the world. Do your part where and when you are called. 

Help others through their tough times where you can.

Have extra provisions on hand in case they are needed.

Check in with God every day, and then observe the New and Full Moons monthly for updates and insights. 

Receive the abundant influx of the Lord’s spiritual power that is being poured upon us at this very same time.

Know that God has a plan.  This is not a surprise to Him, nor to His children who have seen the Signs in the Heavens.  Keep your eyes on things above, not on earthly things (Colossians 3:2). 

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