What does the day you were born say about you? Learn the traits of your Sun sign from a Biblical perspective.zodiac-dates-and-descriptions

12 Months to Wholeness Guide
12 Months to Wholeness – Heaven’s Discipleship Program

Biblical Month Guide



Here are some tools to help keep up with reading and meditating on the Word.  Reading the entire Bible regularly will keep the Word fresh in your heart.

Regarding the Torah Portions –  think about this:  If Believers around the world were reading the same ‘portion’ of the Bible each week,  a certain spiritual unity would develop.  You can start today with the resources below:

Weekly Torah Portions Calendar
Includes Torah, Prophets, Writings and Brit Hadashah in weekly portions.  The same Torah Portions are followed throughout all of Judaism, including Messianic, however, the Prophets, Writings and Brit Hadashah selections vary depending on the source.
First Fruits of Zion is the one we use.

Bible Reading Schedules
youversion 20170203_youversion offers various Bible Reading Schedules, as well as many Bible Versions.

Hebrew Birthday Calculator – Use this handy tool from to find out your Hebrew date of birth!  Find out your Jewish Birthdate here!

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