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Begin your journey of self-discovery with a personal reading.  Through interpreting the symbolism in the heavens at the moment of your birth, Rose can and share with you insights into your personality and purpose.

The Luminaries – the Sun and Moon – not only point to an area of focus in the world but can also give great insight into your individual life as far as identity and personality are concerned.

Through interpreting the position of the Sun and Moon and the other planets in the Heavens at the moment of your birth, valuable insight into your personality begins to unfold.

NEW YEAR SPECIAL:  Start the year with a clearer picture of yourself!  A first time reading at this time is $20.  Simply click on the Birth Chart Reading link below to be taken to PayPal to make payment.  You’ll be able to enter your birth info on the link provided after check out.

Order a personal interpretation of your Natal Chart – the blueprint of the heavens at the moment of your birth here!

Before you order check to make sure you have all of your birth information.

Birth information you will need:
Month, Day, Year, Time of birth (am/pm), City, State, and Country

IMPORTANT: An accurate birth time is very important.  Please include an accurate birth time, and if you do not know it, please let us know.  It makes a difference.

Once we have the birth information and payment, we can set a time for a phone meeting with Rose (generally about 3-5 days after we have all of the birth information) to go over your birth chart.

Get a personal interpretation of your Natal Chart – the blueprint of the heavens at the moment of your birth!

Order your Birth Chart Reading here.

NOTE:  Payment will show as “The Rose Life Center”

Gift certificates are also available!  Simply state “GIFT CERTIFICATE” in the notes and include the person’s name that the reading will be for.



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