The Heavens are Speaking Loudly – Who Will Listen?

This article describes significant events that are being revealed in the heavens.  These events point to world altering transformations. They reflect what is unfolding around us.  What may be a surprise is that the Lord has been speaking about these events and is teaching those who are listening how to walk through these times in strength and victory.

The time that is coming upon us may be as significant and life changing as when Martin Luther began the protestant revolution!  Great changes are ahead of us.  It is time for the army of God to look up and listen!


The Heavens are Speaking Loudly – Who Will Listen?

Happy New Year! 2020


The signs of the times (Matthew 16:3) in the heavens indicate 2020 will be quite a year!  Historical patterns are being displayed in the heavens, setting off new long-term cycles in the realms of authority, finances and spirituality.

God does not want us to be unaware!  Over the past few years, through the Divine Science of  Jewish Astrology, He has given us signs in the heavens, urging us to build our foundation in preparation for all the changes and reformation coming.

The heavens declare the glory of God (Psalm 19:1-4) and the astrological signs show us 2020 will be quite a year!  One of the first signs was the Solar Eclipse in December.  It contained a strong message to firm up the foundations in all areas of our lives while the authority and religious structures are being shaken around us.  To some degree this shaking is also happening in everyone’s life.  The Lord is cleaning house on all levels.

The anticipated event occurring on January 12, 2020, is next.  Saturn (symbolizing structure/authority) and Pluto (symbolizing destruction and transformation) will conjunct in the heavens. The effect has been felt over the past two years and it is getting stronger each month. They deal with top down authority structures and the abuse of that authority.  They will be exposed with the intent of aligning them with the Highest Good of God.

The theme of destruction and transformation aligning with law and order, and spirituality being in conflict with formal religion, indicate that major areas of our world and our lives are being prepare for reformation.  Things are changing.  Authority structures and abuse of power are being dealt with.  This year the needed changes will start the restructuring and rebuilding that will occur over the next years.  Solutions will be worked out, not overnight, but the trend will run in that direction.

We must seek the Lord for the meaning of the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto.  The last time this powerful configuration was exact in the heavenlies was in 1518 when the actions of Martin Luther ignited the protestant reformation! Will we see a reformation this time?  A massive restructuring?  A spiritual awakening – one that moves us into the unity that we are all praying for?

According to the Hebrew calendar, the new year begins at Rosh Hashanah.  A new decade began with the Hebrew year 5780.  Eighty is represented by the Hebrew letter Pey. One of the symbolic meanings associated with Pey is the mouth.  The way we speak will be especially important this year.  Pey is also powerful in another way.  It represents breaking down the structures that are based on false beliefs.  When we are fixed on a path that does not line up with the Word of God a sudden and unexpected change is needed.  This change destroys the foundation that was built on incorrect concepts, thus providing an opportunity to align with God and rebuild our foundation.

Another rare historic pattern has recently emerged through the New Moon cycle.  Each New Moon from October 2019 through March 2020 occurs at 4 degrees of the zodiac sign it is in!  For six months, from Rosh Hashanah 5779 to Passover 5780, each month there is an emphasis on the number four.  The four represents strengthening the foundation in the related areas of our lives:

4 degrees Scorpio (Cheshvan) – I Desire – Build the foundation of power by dying to carnal desires
4 degrees Sagittarius (Kislev) – I See – Build the foundation of spiritual knowledge and education
4 degrees Capricorn (Tevet) – I Use – Build foundation of your godly status and divine calling
4 degrees Aquarius (Sh’vat) – I Know – Build the foundation of your hopes, dreams and friendships
4 degrees Pisces (Adar) – I Believe – Build the foundation of strong humility and concern for others
4 degrees Aries (Nissan) – I Am – Build the foundation of your identity in Messiah

The number four is further emphasized by the Calendar Year of 2020.  When the numbers are added together they equal—four!  2+2=4!  The Heavens are showing us many 4’s and we must take notice.

A study of the number four reveals that 4 is a significant number in Scripture.  The number four represents foundation, home, ancestry, the four seasons, the four directions, the four living beings around the throne of God and the four letters in the Sacred Name of God.

Finally, in December of 2020 the two planets that came together to form the Star of Bethlehem will be joined up again.  They are Jupiter (Righteous Justice/Mercy) and Saturn (Structure/Authority).  This conjunction occurs every 20 years and indicates a new 20-year cycle in both the spiritual and financial realms.  During the first part of 2020 the foundation for this new cycle will be laid, resulting in the alignment of Justice and Authority at the end of the year.  What will this union usher in?  A new spiritual and financial awakening built on the solid foundation of God’s Word!

All of these signs in the heavens point to a time when all areas of our world and our lives should come into alignment with God’s Word and His ways.  Any areas that are manmade are being destroyed.  Those that are of God are being strengthened and rebuilt.  It is a time when that which is built on the Rock (God) will stand, and that which is built on sand (man) will crumble (Matthew 7:24-27).

2020 will truly be an amazing year to watch unfold!  We each have our part to play in this building of new foundations.  It won’t be easy.  A new order is being established.  We, as the army of God, are being equipped for such a time as this.

When we align with the focus for each New Month and add the signs of the times in the heavens, we grow and walk the path that the Lord has prepared for us.  As we watch the structures in our lives and around us fall, we have hope as we align with the Word.  It is building something solid and good (1 Corinthians 3:11-15).  Having Jupiter (which also represents Mercy) in the Heavenly mix gives us the ability to handle all of these changes.  Each new month builds a certain area of our lives.

God guides us through these times and has a direction for us each month as revealed through the New Moon.  Each New Moon carries a unique focus that is based on the Bible and God’s natural cycles.  Each Month there is a fresh revelation in the signs of the times in the Heavenlies which give us direction and assurance that God is still in control no matter what are experiencing in the world or in our lives. His plan is ultimately for the Good of all of His Creation.



2020 Outlook – Historic Solar Eclipse December 26, 2019
New Moon Solar Eclipse Capricorn December 26, 2019 – New Month Tevet 5780


Rose Martin is an interpreter of the Signs of the Times in the Heavens through the Divine Science of Jewish Astrology.  Astrology is an ancient art that has existed since Adam and handed down through the Jewish faith.  Sadly it has been removed from the church.  The Lord has shown Rose that it is badly needed to help people develop an intimate relationship with the God Who created them and discover their identity as God created them to be – not who the advertisers want them to be.

Through the monthly videos, Rose teaches that the Heavens contain a roadmap of the spiritual terrain.  With the roadmap and the guidance found in the Bible, we can learn to navigate and prosper our lives.  Those who observe the New Moon Celebrations gain a deeper sense of purpose and direction.  The yearly flow of the map of the Heavens follows the Jewish Calendar of Months as well as the Spring and Fall Feasts and Festivals.  It provides great guidance for Believers today.

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