The Message of The ‘Star of Bethlehem” 12-21-2020

The Star of Bethlehem is appearing at this moment, encouraging us to look up to the heavens, and ponder the vastness of the Universe, and the magnitude of our God. 

This Star, which is made up of the conjunction of the Planets Jupiter and Saturn in our Solar System, happens every 20 years.  It generally signals the start of the next generation and the next themes that will influence our lives.  Spiritually is represents the next heavenly government.  By themselves these Planets have great meaning, but their unique placement and combination with other Planets in our Solar System at this time, make the message of this conjunction grand indeed.  Understanding what these Planets represent, through faith-based Astrology, gives us direction and understanding for the times we are going through.  These two planets are the main timekeepers in the heavens. 

Colossians 1:16-17, “For in Him all things were created, things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities. All things were created through Him and for Him.”

Here are some of the characteristics of Jupiter and Saturn:

Jupiter – In the Hebrew of the Jewish faith, it represents one of the attributes of God, Chesed, which is His mercy and righteousness.  It also symbolizes higher knowledge, spirituality, kings, priests, royalty, religion and the legal system.  Jupiter is the major benefic (favorable influence), and generally means blessings.  It expands, enlarges, increases, brings goodness.  Kabbalists believe it stands for the activity under the Archangel Tsadkiel and the ‘Dominions’ in heaven.

Saturn – in the Hebrew of the Jewish faith, it represents the attribute of Binah, the Wisdom and Word of God.  It symbolizeds structure, boundaries, rules, consequences, status, authorities and father time. It is known as the major malefic (negative influence) and so is also associated with death, destruction, endings and delays.  Kabbalists believe it represents the activity under the Archangel Tsaphkiel and the ‘Thrones’ in heaven.  

On the day of this exact conjunction, these two heavenly power players work together harmoniously setting up the new heavenly government as passed down from the Father up above.  As above, so below.  Saturn, as the last visible planet in our Solar System is believed to be the link to the heavens, the unseen.  It brings messages from on high to the world.

The Will  of God will bring about the changes, leading us to the next phase He has planned for the world.  At this conjunction, a major theme will be the taking of what remains of the solid foundation from the old, and even re-discovering it, and using it to build the new – to move from where we are now, to where we are going.

Without even looking into the heavens, most people can tell that something major is happening in the world, the consequences of which will change our lives.  Something has to change.  What we have is not working any more.  We have reached a tipping point.  There is a real need for something different.

The Zodiac Sign in which this conjunction takes places provides a strong indication of the meaning of this next generation.  This conjunction takes place in 0 degrees Aquarius.  That in itself is significant.  The very beginning of this Sign.  Aquarius’ symbol is the Water Bearer (Luke 22:10).  This symbolizes the living water (John 4:10) being poured down from heaven giving us fresh comfort and insight.  Aquarius is also intellectual, being an air sign.  It stands for individuality, breaking from the old to make up the new, ingenuity, inventiveness, caring for humanity but from a distance. It is computers, high-tech, innovation, space travel and spirituality.  It is rebellious, like a teenager, shooting for their hopes, dreams and wishes.  Outdated rules that need to be broken will be in order to bring in a new way of living for all humankind.

And this is what is coming!  Something different.  An ability to understand the Lord and people in a new and different way. If you will meditate and ask the Lord about these key indicators represented by Jupiter, Saturn and Aquarius, you will get insight into the new phase we are entering.

So now the new phase of sorting out and building  begins! For the world and for each individual.

This Star of Bethlehem speaks to us today in world events, as well as our personal lives.

The location of this transiting Star Pattern on your birth chart will show the area of life that will most likely experience growth at this time.  Depending on other factors in your personal Star Pattern, this grand conjunction could very well point to the area of life you are to develop to use in this rebuilding, in a new way in this next phase of the world and your personal calling.

Just as in Yeshua’s birth, which was the most magnificent, we each have a Star Pattern that was in the heavens at the time of our birth.  It was not the spectacular Star of Bethlehem, but it did have all of the components, just arranged in a different way.

This Star Pattern reflects information about your life, and when interpreted will reveal many characteristics of your life that will be used and developed throughout your lifetime. 


Jupiter and Saturn in your life! Discover what the Wisement knew.

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Jupiter and Saturn in your life! Discover what the Wisement knew.

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