Three Powerful Times for Intercession

There is a great battle going on in the Heavenlies that is being demonstrated here below.  As above, so below.  The foundation of our lives is being shaken and all authority is being challenged.  As the battle wages in the Heavenlies, we can join with the Lord and carry out His will for our lives.  Through prayer and intercession, we can empower the activity of the Angelic powers and principalities that are involved in restoring law and order in the Heavenly realms at the Lord’s direction.  We do not battle in the flesh, but in the Spirit.

As I look into the Heavens and ask the Holy Spirit to show me what they are saying, I see that there are three upcoming times through the end of this year where the energy for battle will be especially strong.  Both for good and for evil.  The first is now –  mid-August, then early to mid-October, and then late December all in 2020.  There is overcoming energy available during these times and Believers can press in to come against the corrupt forces of this world and make progress in the Spiritual realm. 

This is part of the general roadmap as seen in the Heavens at this time that we can all use as guidance and seek God to help us navigate our individual lives.   The battle belongs to the Lord.  We can be in like mind with Him during these turbulent times, believing that He is in charge even now.  Prophets can fill in more of the details.  Pastors can lead their flocks through these times.

The battles we are currently going through are leading us to the beginning of the next generation, where we will begin to re-build on a new and improved foundation for the future.  The old decayed structures need to be removed to make way for the new.  The battle for the new will continue for some time and will intensify, but we must hold our space and then advance.

During these three highly spiritual energetic portals around August 13, October 8, and December 21, we can make special time to pray and intercede as the Lord leads. Pray for corrupt authority structures to be brought down; for people’s eyes to be opened to see truths that have been hidden; for people to believe they can be free.  Pray the “Lord’s Prayer” – that His Kingdom come, and His Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. 

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