Tonight 10:45 PM Eastern – Major Event in the Heavens Signal a Time to Pray

Many prophets have been stating big changes are under way.

Their Words are being confirmed in the world and in our individual lives and it is being confirmed in the Heavens!

Tonight, another powerful shift in the Heavens is happening and Believers need to be aware of this.  At 10:45 PM Eastern on April 4, 2020 Jupiter will conjunct Pluto.  This means Jupiter and Pluto will be making a powerful alignment in the Heavens.

Jupiter is called Tzedek in Hebrew and represents the expansive wisdom and righteousness of God.

Pluto is called Da’at and represents transformational power, extremes and exposing the deep dark hidden things.   It is always involved with changes in the balance of power.

Whenever Pluto is involved, it causes a massive and permanent alteration which leads to a different life.  We saw this recently when Saturn conjunct Pluto in January 2020, which is when the Corona Virus Pandemic began. Our lives are changed and will never be the same in many ways.

Jupiter is a symbol of God’s righteousness, judgment and also represents Chesed, which is Mercy on the Tree of Life.

Pluto represents power structures of all sorts including business and financial structures. Pluto deals with breaking things down, shifts in control, and transformation in the old balance of leadership and dominance. Other years when Pluto was involved in notable events were 1930, 1943 and 2007.

Saturn is called Shabtai in Hebrew and Binah on the Tree of Life and represents God’s Word and Understanding.

These three are making a major statement and are ushering in transformation in the Heavens. We are experiencing a re-birth.  Before the new can be established the old has to go.  Some of the change will be painful and difficult to live through.  This disruptive, transformational energy will remain throughout the year. 

The Lord has been preparing us for this through the signs in the Heavens.  He alerted us that a serious time was coming in 2020 and that we were to strengthen our foundations built on Him.  (Messages are available on YouTube as well.)

We were given a roadmap.  God said difficult times were coming, prepare, build your foundation on Me.  We have seen the structures coming down in every part of the world.  The financial world is being shaken as well, but most of us had no idea the pandemic we coming.  But God did tell us to seriously prepare.

God speaks to us through His Heavens.  The Sun and Moon and Planets in solar system each represents a spiritual godly principle.  Looking at their changing patterns in the heavens is like looking at a weather map and forecasting the weather.  We can get a good idea what is coming and how to prepare.  Is the weatherman right all the time?  No!  Human interpretation of God’s signs is fallible.  But we do get a much better idea of what is coming than if we never listened to the weather report.

God gives us clues, but we are still dependent on Him for the details. 

It is not too late to get into His flow.  As we head into this Passover/Resurrection season get into fellowship with Him, especially during this time away from our normal routines.

We can surrender and go with His flow.  Pray without ceasing and try to be productive.

In our world the old system was already crumbling, and it is going through a major takedown.  It won’t make it through this year.  Today begins a new round of demolition.

Tonight, many people in the secular spiritual world are planning a time of global prayer because of what they see happening in the heavens through Astrology. 

Tonight, the Christian Believing world should join in this time of prayer and pray to God Almighty, the Maker of Heaven and Earth because the Signs of the Times are from the God Who Created them.  His children should be looking at them too!

None of us have experienced what is going on in the world and in the Heavens right now.  Pray as the Lord leads and for the transformation and destruction of old systems, God’s righteousness and mercy to guide us and His Word to rebuild the world.

Each in our own place and collectively come together in the Spirit and unite in prayer for God’s positive outcome to the challenges and changes we are facing.

Tonight at 10:45 PM Eastern Jupiter and Pluto conjunct A time to pray – open heaven.

A global prayer to end the virus and bring about the shifts and changes that God deems necessary at time, as well as our wisdom, safety and protection as we go through this.

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