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New Moon in Aquarius 2022, New Biblical Month of Adar I 5782 – A New HOPE Celebration! The Word tells us that the Moon is a Witness to God’s faithfulness in Psalm 89:37. “…Like the moon it shall be established forever, a faithful witness in the skies.”

Being reminded of His faithfulness gives us strength as we go through these revolutionary times. The Moon brings us hope, renewal, and unity, as we worship the God of Heaven and pray for the needs of the world in a unified fashion at the New Moon, where fresh downloads of spiritual insight and revelation can be found each month and intentions can be solidified. One of the attributes of the Moon in Aquarius is hope – as well as dreams, compassion, and groups working together to bring love and change into the world in a unique way. Life has ups and downs – it is not smooth sailing. The phases of the Moon reflect this as our lives go through various stages from birth to maturity to death to rebirth again. No matter the darkest hour, the light will soon be coming and a chance to begin again!

New Year Updates – New Moon Capricorn 2022, New Hebrew Month Shevat 5782 – Rose Martin

Critical updates for the New Year. Getting through the bumps of 2022. Year of revelations and re-imagining about the world and our lives. Powerful prayer and goal setting days for 2022 – January 2, 3, 4, 2022.

Being Set Free From Slavery – Get Your Hopes Up! Biblical Month Nissan 5781, New Moon Pisces 3-13-2021

This Month is a challenging month for many, but will bring an opportunity to be set free from slavery, both physically and spiritually with the Feast of Passover approaching. A call for an increase in spirituality that will set the stage to the new beginning that the spiritual new year brings us. Get encouragement to get through the tough times that will lead to new callings and victory!

Navigating Through Challenging Times – Hope For the Future – New Moon Aquarius 2-11-2021 / Adar 1

How the world is changing – what you need to know. Faith-based insight into the Signs of the Times. Get direction for your life and encouragement through understanding Heavenly insight provided by our Loving Father through interpreting the Biblical New Moon. Adar 1 5780 2-13-2021 / Aquarius Moon 2-11-2021,

Buckle Up! The Shift is Happening! New Moon Capricorn 1-12-2021, New Hebrew Month Shevat 5781

A New Beginning Amongst the Chaos! This New Month brings us to the crescendo of what began January 2020. Strong moves still need to be made and the next few months will be intense. However, new assignments will be given during this time. The Month of Shevat is a shift month, yet at the same time reminds us of the sturdy foundation we have on which to withstand the changes. It’s the New Year of Trees in Israel.

Epic World Changes Happening This Month! Being Prepared!
New Moon in Sagittarius 12-14-2020, New Biblical Month Tevel 12-15-2020

The Bethlehem Star that will be seen on 12-21-2020 will usher in a New Era! Be assured the Lord is in Control! New Moon in Sagittarius occurs 12-14-2020, New Biblical Month of Tevet 5781 12-15-2020. This month leads us to once in a lifetime events that will change our lives forever, from the spiritual to day to day living. A must watch for those struggling with fear. Chaos and confusion will be part of it as we learn new ways of living and being. The Lord has been preparing us for them for over a year through the signs in the heavens and the prophets. Discover the themes of the major shift that is occurring and the ability you have been given to help rebuild the world for this new era. Faith-based insight. Interpretation of the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in the Heavens occurring on December 21 2020 gives us the indication of the new times that are upon us. #bethlehemstar, #jupitersaturnconjunction

New Moon in Scorpio 11-14/15-2020, New Biblical Month Kislev 11-17-2020

When Will This Be Over? Insight into where these current times are leading us and what to do on our journey.

New Moon in Libra 10-16-2020, Biblical Month Cheshvan 5781
Believers are One Step Ahead Using God’s Calendar!

Those who follow God’s Biblical Calendar are one Month ahead. Opportunity to live victoriously in this time. More grace is being poured out to get through these tough times. Unusual patterns in the Heavens confirm the unusual times we are living in. Intensity increasing through the New Year 2021 that will lead to a new generation. The New Moon Libra 10 16 2020 Cheshvan 5781 gives insight into this world changing time. Individual insight for each Rising Sign starting at 15:11 time stamp.

New Moon Virgo 9-17-2020, New Biblical Month Tishrei 9-19-2020

Intense times are upon us and will be through the rest of the calendar year. Being in alignmentwith the Lord is of utmost importance at this time. What other protection can we have? There is a warrior energy all around, that can be used for good or evil. The world is reaching a boiling point! You can brace yourself through the power the Biblical Fall Feasts provide. The High Holy Days bring an opportunity to align with the God of all creation which will give us the peace and power to go through these world changing times victoriously. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to Him and His provisions.

New Moon Leo 8-18-20, New Biblical Month Elul 8-21-20

Mark Yourself ‘Safe’ in this Spiritual Storm! Understand the major shifts and changes the world is going through. Stand strong on the firm foundation the Lord is providing for you! Major awakenings, major transformations are happening. Get Freed Up to Step Up! Highlights for New Moon Leo 8-18-2020, New Month Elul 8-21-2020.

New Moon Cancer 7.20.20 Biblical Month Av 5780 Time to Move From Crying to Creating!

How do you stay firm while the world is shaking? When you use God’s Calendar to understand this season you can flow with Him and trust that you will be in the right place at the right time. The world and our lives are going throught restructuring, it’s time to move from crying to creating in this Hebrew Month of Av, New Moon Cancer 7.20.20. The changes we are going through are leading us to a new generation!

New Moon Cancer 6 20 21 20 Tammuz 5780. Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse – time to ‘Eclipse’ what is no longer needed to make room for the new. A major shift is underway. You are part of a great time in history. Discover your identity and go forward with new vision and determination.

Do not let your hearts be troubled – God has a plan! New Moon Taurus 4-22-20, Iyar 5780

Things are scarey but when you know that there is a plan it will help you cope with the chaos and tremendous changes that are going on. There are signs in the heavens that give us the assurance that God has a plan, He is in charge and that everything is going to be OK in the end. Events of biblical proportion are happening as shackles are being taken off in preparation for a new season. Victory is in the Believer’s hands because of the Word. This month we take a look at the signs in the heavens to gain understanding of current situations and the next 6 months and beyond. Historic world and spiritual events are taking place.

Which tribe do you belong to? Learn the correlation between the Tribes of Israel and the Zodiac signs. Which sign were you born under?


A New Beginning withNew Courage and Responsibility – New Moon Aries Nissan 3-24-20

This month features the Spiritual Energies of Passover and Resurrection to help us begin Springtime with a fresh start and determination. We are starting a new 12-month cycle on the spiritual biblical calendar. We are living in historic times! There is a new normal coming – these are the growing pains. Find out what this month teaches us about it. What is your part? It’s time you discover who you are in God’s Kingdom. Rose Martin


Turning Sorrows into Joy! New Biblical Month Adar 5780, New Moon Pisces 2-23-2020

Uncovering Hidden Enemies and Hidden Strengths. Are you a victim, or a victor? Needy or needed? Building walls or setting boundaries? Adar/Pisces is a highly spiritual month that can heal broken hearts. Rose Martin shares how to find the love of God amidst the hurts, betrayals and addictions around us. New Moon Pisces 2-23-20 and Adar 5780. God needs you now to play your part in the restructuring of the world. This is the Month to strengthen our spiritual muscles!


Inspiration for Believers for this New Month of Shevat 5780 and New Moon in Aquarius January 24, 2020



Biblical interpretation of the Signs of the Times in the heavens for the New Moon in Capricorn and the Biblical Month of Tevet 5780 and what it holds for the coming New Year.Biblical interpretation of the Signs of the Times in the heavens for the New Moon in Capricorn and the Biblical Month of Tevet 5780 and what it holds for the coming New Year.


A Time to Set Miracles for the Year! The biblical month of Kislev holds the power to set miracles for the upcoming year. The rainbow gives us hope and is a symbolize the 7 spirits of the Lord. If you’ve been feeling defeated, the Lord says to give yourself permission to love yourself. Foundations continue to be set for the upcoming year of 2020.
Learn God’s Heavenly Discipleship Program!
Biblical Month of Kislev, Zodiac Sagittarius,
Letter Month was created with – Samech; Planet – Jupiter
The NAME Permutation – Vav-Yud-Hey-Hey

How to Celebrate the Biblical New Moon

Rose Martin gives insight into how to start observing the New Moon celebration spoken about in the Bible. Suggestions for individual or with your group or congregation. God wants to keep us close to Him and the New Moon Celebration is one of the ways. This is His Heavenly Discipleship Program! He will give guidance for each month through the New Moon, as well as insight into your personality and life. How to light a menorah.
Psalm 148

Completing Your Transformation After the High Holy Days
New Month Cheshvan 5780 – Scorpio 10-27-19

Walking out the transformation that began at the High Holy Days! (The Fall Feasts of Rosh Hashannah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot). The rubber hits the road! Sharing love, building your foundation and being ready for unexpected events. MAIN theme through Passover and beyond – build your FOUNDATION. The importance of building a strong foundation starting now. Important alignments are happening now. Understand the unique signs in the heavens and what they mean for your life. Learn the language of the Heavens. New Moon Cheshvan 5780 Scorpio 10-27-19. Never give up.
Time 12:29 – Starts the very unique significance of 4’s in the upcoming months.

Balancing Your Cross of Destiny
New Year Tishrei 5780 – New Moon Libra 9-28-19

Discover what is your cross to bear and how to balance the foundation of your life this month. New Biblical Year and High Holy Day spiritual preparation. Ancient Biblical principles brought forward to bring new life to our faith walk today. A powerful time in the spirit during the Fall Feasts. After your house is swept clean, what do you fill it with?
New Year Tishrei 5780, New Moon Libra 9-28-19
Matthew 16:24, Luke 14:27
Ezekiel 1:16
Matthew 12:43-45
For personal insignt into your Cross of Destiny, visit


New Moon Elul 5779 – August 30, 2019 – Virgo

The time to make preparations for the New Biblical Year is now!
A key time to make choices for your future! Elul prepares us for the High Holy Days which set the tone for the coming Biblical year 5780. In addition, a special timeline is closing and choices made now will affect the next 12 years of your life. The Heavens are set up for you to make changes now.


New Moon Leo 7-31-19 – Hebrew Month of Av 5779
Av is a month of Sorrow turned to Joy! Use God’s calendar to discover meaning and purpose for your life.


This month! The New Moon is a Solar Eclipse which brings forth shifts in our world and lives. Discover what it means to your life and your walk with the Lord. New Moon Cancer July 2, 2019, Tammuz 5779


A Time to Become More Aware of Your Thinking – New Moon Gemini/Sivan 5779 June 3, 2019


What do you think? Becoming more aware of what we think in major areas of our lives is of prime focus this month.

Rose Martin reading the Biblical signs in the Heavens for New Moon in Gemini June 3 2019, biblical month of Kislev 5779. Spiritual preparation for Shavuot and 2020. Becoming more aware through God’s flow. Old systems and structures are being taken down and rebuilt. Counting the Omer to Pentecost – Shavuot. Religion vs spirituality. Getting into the Flow of God. Connecting the spiritual and the physical. New Moon Gemini June 3 2019. What you need to know.

New Moon Iyar 5779 – Learning About Your Book in the Heavens

God has given us keys to unlock and understand our Book in the Heavens and this month we begin to learn how to do this. Begin to understand His purpose and plan for your life in a whole new way as revealed through your unique Book in the Heavens. This video shows you how to start to understand for yourself. Start this new year with the King Priest anointing and confidence, knowing more of who the Lord made you to be. You don’t want to miss this video! The time has come for Believers to understand who God created them to be.
For personalized insight into your Book, contact Rose at for your report!

The Spiritual New Year begins this Month – Nissan 5779,  April 2019

The most powerful time for setting up your spiritual year starts on April 5th 2019 but you need to start getting ready now. See how to align your life with God’s calendar through this powerful Spring Feast season of Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread, Pentecost. The importance of attending a Passover Seder. Guide to counting the Omer.
Passover is April 19th 2019. Start now so you’ll be ready when Nissan begins.
*Outline of the Biblical Month and timing of the Feasts begins at 7:00 minute mark.
Passover is the beginning of the Biblical Spiritual Calendar.

Finding the truth through the signs in the Heavens – New Moon Adar 5779

Where can we find truth? Can it be found today with all the news sources seemingly being manipulated? Should Believers be looking to the heavens? Biblical background on out how God speaks to us through the signs in the heavens.

Keeping Your Peace in the Midst of Chaos – Adar I 5779

Still in the midst of upheaval and change, the Lord gives us a few months to gain our spiritual footing. Taking a look at balance between God, Ourselves and Others. Two months of building faith. Learn a spiritual breathing exercise that will help calm you down in the midst of anxiety. Adar is the last month of the Biblical calendar, except when there is a leap year! This month has two Adars in order to line up the calendars. Biblical month of Adar I begins February 6th 2019. Rose Martin.

Time To Change Your Story Line! – Shevat 5779

Starting the New Year with energy and structure to move forward with your dreams and desires. This month has two eclipses. Fated events begin to unfold. Each month has a unique characteristic and message from the Lord. Power to overcome the things that have been holding you back. New Moon January 5th 2019, Aqaurius – Shevat 5779 January 7th 2019. New Insight and and Impartations. For more information about the New Moon Celebration, and its foundation in the Bible, pease visit

The darkest time in the world is not the darkest time for the Lord! Learn how to let the Light of God minister to you this month. The Light of the World brings comfort and healing this holiday season and strengthens us for the difficult times we live in. Hannukah, Christmas, New Years and more in one month! Experience the miracle love of God in this Biblical month Tevet. “put on the armor of light.” Romans 13:12

Insight Into Dreams and Reaching Higher – Kislev 5779

The Biblical month of Keslev is a month of reaching higher.  To dream and lift our eyes to the heavens for inspiration.  The dream of Jacob’s Ladder in Genesis and the Tree of Life are strongly  associated with this month.  What does this mean for you?   Keeping our eyes on things above and not on early things (Col 3:2) Introduction to the Tree of Life. Jacob’s Ladder. Get Answers. New Moon November 7, 2018. visit to learn more!

Insight into Your Relationships – This Month’s Focus – Cheshvan 5779

It’s time for your monthly business meeting with the Lord! New Moon 10-8-18. This month’s focus – relationships – with partners, spouses, work – deep soulwork, decisions, reconciliations or old relationships brought back into your life can be part of the topics we can get insight into. Flow with the timing of the Lord to get the most of this opportunity to excercise and develop your spiritual muscles! Hebrew Month Cheshvan 5779

Insight, Inspiration and Preparation for the Upcoming Biblical Feasts

The Hebrew Month of Elul is a time of preparation for transformation at the High Holy Days. Learn how to use these powerful appointed times of the Lord to boost your faith and success in life.

Elul is a great opportunity to shed what’s not needed for the next season of your life, and prepare to receive what’s needed for the next!  The Hebrew month of Elul begins August 11, 2018

A Time of Removing and Refilling for the Next Season of our Lives

Encouragement and insight into the current crazy times in the world and in our lives. Find out what is going on in the heavenlies and how to make it through victoriously.

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