We Are Approaching a Major Pivotal Point!

“Sound the ram’s horn at the New Moon, and when the moon is full, on the day of our festival,” Psalm 81:3

Insight into the Full Moon 11-30-2020 Partial Lunar Eclipse
A New Understanding Leading To A New Freedom

Our current circumstances are leading up to a great quantum type shift in the spiritual and energetic realms, which we live out in the physical realm.

The Lord in all His goodness is now preparing our hearts and minds to receive this shift which will lead to a new freedom in Him.

After the many hidden things that have been exposed, it is now time to think about them. We must ask ourselves if they make sense. Are the stories we have been hearing and those we have been telling ourselves still the stories we want to hear and tell? Do they line up with truth? Do they line up with the dreams and visions the Lord has given us for His Kingdom?

It is a time to begin to think of how the Lord would want it to be – a ‘What Would Jesus Do’ type of thinking – as to what would bring us joy and fulfillment, and apply that to the story of our lives. It’s time to begin to dream and envision a life of love and unity and ask the Lord to help us begin to find ways of bringing it into our lives.

The time that is coming upon us will open our world to great new possibilities, and our hearts, minds and souls are being prepared to receive them, under the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

It is also the time to ask the Lord to deliver you from that one main thing with which you have been struggling. You can repent, ask Him to deliver you and set you free. Ask for a new mindset in that area of your life, a renewed mind (Ephesians 4:23) in regard to this issue. Ask for transformation for as many or as few issues as the Spirit brings to mind, but many of us have that one main issue we have been struggling with for a while that when dealt with can free up many other areas at once!

Now is the time to ask because new ways of thinking will come upon us. They will begin to provide an understanding of higher ways, higher thoughts, higher spiritual insights. A spirit of acceptance and
understanding will prevail. This can help us see our situation from another viewpoint, a viewpoint that will help us to overcome and live victoriously in that area of life, and even new gifts and talents that are ready to grow will begin to flourish.

This new understanding will help you find new ways to deal with the issues that have been strongholds in your life that you just could not get rid of. And they will also naturally be worked out through the good works (Ephesians 2:10) that the Lord has prepared for you for this upcoming season.

This new mindset will be easier for some to grasp than others. Many will be able to experience greater peace, success and fulfilment with a new energy that works more in harmony with their personality – or their Star Pattern. Others, through some struggles will also learn and grow from this time.

All of us will be benefited through this new spiritual and energetic shift. Allow the Lord to work through this new season and new mindset with you. As we keep it Biblical, we will learn how to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:23-24).

Those who have had a difficult couple of three years, will most likely begin to find some relief now. The heavy energy spirit will be lifted. New hope, higher, lighter and freeing thoughts will take the place of the heavy ones. The brakes will be taken off!

Forceful powerful changes are upon us through the rest of the calendar year. They will begin to work themselves out in January and February of 2021. God will give us the power and ability to go through this time of transition. It is a part of preparing the soil for planting new seeds and rebuilding with a new understanding. This will lead us to new freedom in the Lord, as He continues to perfect His workmanship (Ephesians 2:10) in us as He fulfils the plans He has for the world!

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