What’s Your Moon Phase?

Just like each of us have a yearly birth date which is based on the Solar Calendar, we each have a monthly ‘birthdate’ which is based on the Lunar Calendar – a point in the Lunar, or Moon, cycle – that is significant to us.

Traditionally, there are eight phases of the moon. They are: The New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter, Waning Crescent and back to the New Moon where the lunar cycle begins again. 

We are born during one of these Eight Phases of the Moon. Each birth time has its own Moon phase. Whatever moment or phase of the cycle we were born determines our personal Lunar (lunation) birthday, or our Moon phase. Each one of these Phases has unique qualities that in most cases will be highlighted in the individual’s underlying personality.

The lunation birthday as shown by the Moon’s phase can give insight into how we meet the challenges of everyday life, both personally and in the world, and our style of experiencing it.

The Eight Traditional Phases of the Moon
On a more global level, the Moon’s cyclical journeying is reflected by the transiting New and Full Moons, peaking at the time of the eclipses.  Thus, the collective world of which we are a part undergoes the same rhythm as we ourselves do in our own personal lives.

What the Moon Reveals About Our Personality

Our personality and purpose can be shown through both the Sun and Moon. The two lights are the primary symbols of human personality and each has a wide range of individual meanings. Their unique placements in every birth chart provides each person with their personal standards of excellence in body, soul and spirit, and their personal models of the best that might be achieved in completing the purpose for which they were born.

Sun – The characteristics of the conscious nature. It is our healthy ego and individuality. Its unique position brings insight into to the content of the life purpose.

Moon – Our subconscious nature. Our security needs and our feeling nature. The Moon represents how our purpose is applied to our daily lives.

The Moon phase points to how your personality can actualize this purpose. The relationship that the Sun and Moon have with each other is reflected in the Moon’s phase at the time of birth. It is an important significator of personality because it shows how the relationship between your solar conscious nature and your lunar subconscious nature works with the larger oveall purpose in your life.

Finding Your Moon Phase

It is easy to find out which phase of the Moon someone was born under. Simply find a calendar showing the month and year they were born that also shows the phases of the month. Identify the New Moon that happened just before their birth, and count how many days from that previous New Moon to the birth date. That is how many days after the New Moon they were born. New Moon Calculator.

Look below for the day ranges for each Phase and find where your number falls. This is the Lunar Phase the Moon was at on your birth and can tell you something about yourself. A brief description of the qualities of each Lunation Type is included. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you any meaning this could have for your way of life. Does it show you something about yourself? Give you answers? Give you inspiration? Confidence?

Insight into your Lunation Phase can help you know your gifts and talents in a new and fuller way.


NEW MOON TYPE – Phase 1 – Emerge, Project
You belong to the New Moon Type, if you were born at New Moon or within the three and one-half days following the New Moon (Moon less than 45° from Sun).

Your typical personal characteristics are: a strongly subjective, emotional and impulsive approach to life and to everything that attracts your attention; a tendency to be emotionally confused or to reach out eagerly toward some deeply felt compelling goal, to project your feelings upon people and situations, without much regard for what these actually are in themselves.
Life Purpose Energy: Initiating a new cycle.  Projection of personality and plunging into new experiences in spontaneous and instinctive ways.

CRESCENT MOON TYPEPhase 2 – Overcome, Focus, Move Forward
You belong to the Crescent Type if you were born from three and one-half to seven days after a New Moon (Moon 45-90 degrees ahead of the Sun).
Your typical personal characteristics are: determined self-assertiveness, active faith, the eager desire to carry out an inwardly felt command and to clear the way for the fulfilling of new goals; negatively, a sense of frustration and of struggling against too great odds.

Life Purpose Energy: Struggling away from the inertia and dependencies of past conditions and mobilizing resources to assert self in a forward direction.

FIRST QUARTER TYPE – Phase 3 – Decide, Act, Build
You belong to the First Quarter Type if you were born from seven to ten and one-half days after a New Moon (Moon 90-135 degrees ahead of the Sun).

Your typical personal characteristics are: strong will and organizing ability, the instinctive rebellion of the man of action against a binding or inadequate social-ideological tradition, ability to make decisions — at times, ruthless ones; self-exaltation in the thrill of activity and overcoming difficulties, negatively, a sense of defeat.

Life Purpose Energy: Taking direct action and managing energy released from crisis situations.  Tearing down old structures, building new ones.

GIBBOUS MOON TYPE – Phase 4 – Evaluate, Analyze, Perfect
You belong to the Gibbous Moon Type if you were born from ten and one-half to fifteen days after a New Moon (The Moon is 135-180 degrees ahead of the Sun).

Your typical personal characteristics are: a desire to improve yourself and others, to evaluate things and people, to handle symbols of value (including money), to bring a social trend to a conclusion; devotion to a personality you consider great, self-overcoming, yearning for more light.

Life Purpose Energy: Analyzing self-expression, perfecting techniques and forms.  Introspection and questing for revelation.

FULL MOON TYPE Phase 5 – Culminate, Illumine, Fulfill
You belong to the Full Moon Type if you were born from fifteen to eighteen and one-half days after a New Moon or less than three and one-half days after Full Moon (The Moon is 180-135 degrees behind the Sun).

Your typical personal characteristics are: mental objectivity, the ability to make ideals concrete, to receive illumination or “visions” and to give them symbolic expression, to fulfill the past; negatively, a sense of being divorced from reality and divided against oneself.

Life Purpose Energy: Infusing meaning and content into life structures.  Searching for the ideal, fulfillment through relationship.

DISSEMINATING MOON TYPE – Phase 6 – Distribute, Disseminate, Convey
You belong to the Disseminating Type if you were born from eighteen and one-half to twenty-two days after a New Moon or three and one-half days to seven days after the Full Moon (The Moon is 135-90 degrees behind the Sun).

Your typical personal characteristics are: the ability to demonstrate to others what you have learned or envisioned, to disseminate ideas, to participate in social-religious movements and to fight for what you see as the right, to be a crusader and a disciple; negatively, to become lost in social or moral fights, to develop mental confusion or fanaticism.

Life Purpose Energy: The synthesis and dissemination of ideas.  Sharing and communicating what you have learned from experiences so they may be of value.

LAST QUARTER TYPE – Phase 7 – Reevaluate, Turn Away, Revise
You belong to the Last Quarter Type if you were born twenty-two days after a New Moon or seven days before the next, or about seven to eleven days after the Full Moon (The Moon is 90-45 degrees behind the Sun).

Your typical personal characteristics are: the ability to manage and organize people on the basis of ideas and social-political concepts, the eagerness to force issues and to produce crises, to change people’s beliefs, to reform and transform, to build ideological structures or systems, to work hard toward some future goal regardless of the immediate results; a tendency toward humor or the inability to take criticism; a dictatorial attitude.

Life Purpose Energy: Crisis in consciousness.  Turning away from old accomplishments and following new inspirations.  Difficulty in externalizing until complete change occurs.

BALSAMIC MOON TYPE – Phase 8 – Distill, Transform, Envision

You belong to the Balsamic Moon Type if you were born from twenty-five and one-half to thirty days after a New Moon — or less than three and one-half days before the next (The Moon is 45-0 degrees behind the Sun).

Your typical personal characteristics are: an eagerness to serve social institutions and organized groups, to bring the past to a conclusion and to sacrifice yourself for the future’s sake, to become completely identified with great ideals or causes regardless of consequences; prophetic gifts, a sense of personal destiny, of being led by superior powers, of finality in all things and in all your judgments.

Life Purpose Energy: Distilling wisdom essence from entire cycle as legacy for others.  The completion of karma.  Transformation.   Commitment to the future.

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